Wool and Silk offers a broad catalogue of hand-made rugs that reflect the market’s demand for care and attention-to-detail coupled by a designer’s strong artistic prowess. Unmatched in our aim to give the best possible service, our work ensures delivering the best of quality rugs for the most discerning of buyers.


Our collections combine creative ideas and design experiences that inspire the imagination. With influences from antique Asian tapestries to modern architectural framework, there is nothing conventional or drab about our work. Wool & Silk's operations have a wide breadth of consumer grounds. We have a diverse clientele and cater to all standard needs. We work hand-in-hand with dealer and designer customs that include wall-to-wall applications offering diversity and product range.


Our team brings decades of experience to product design, selection and service. With an aim to please and the diligence to match, we make sure that all of our clients leave knowing that their purchase has been taken care of in the upmost way possible. We offer both classic and contemporary designs that meet the mutual business needs of buyers and designers alike while maintaining the art of this antique legacy. Our goal is for our customers to delight in the experience that defines the Wool & Silk company, their people and their products.


Wool & Silk was founded in 2010 and is a New Jersey based company with office in Cedar Grove.